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CDT Partner Event

September 2018
Mid-Spetember broght the new cohort of CDT students and for me marked one year into the four year joint MSc. and PhD program. The CDT hosted a partner engagment event at the University of Leeds. So the PhD students could update their commerical partners, academic supervisors and fellow PhD students as to their progress and achievements over the first year in the  CDT. We each presented a poster showcasing our work and each univeristy gave a group presentaiton overviewing what had been going on at each institue.
The day was a great  success and also allowed us to meet the new cohort of students for the first time. Passing on advice and reassuring them that they will make it through the first week of intensive coding (with lots of coffee).


Leeds Institute for Data Analytics
Level 11
Worsley Building
Clarendon Way