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Overseas Institutional Visit

I have spent the first part of 2020 completing an Overseas Institutional Visit (OIV) to the GeoHealth Lab at the University of Canterbury in Chirstchurch, New Zealand. Funded by the ESRC, I have been conducting a project using smartphone GPS data to investgiate activity space. Looking at how different measures of activity space vary in the environmental featrues they captured and subsquently the conclusions we may draw about the influence of the enviornment on activity. 

Using smarpthone GPS to evaluate activty space measures.

(GPS tracking myself arround Christchurch- not as egotistsical as it sounds)

Smartphone GPS

Using the followmee app to trace my movement arround Christchurch for 2 weeks. Eventually data recorded by undergraduate student data will be used. 

Activity Space

Different measures of activty space were applied to the GPS data.


GPS data cleaning

A large component of the project involved developing a reproduicble formula to clean GPS data, to trace shortest routes along street networks. (See GitHub repository for the code)

Environmental exposures

For each unique activity day the level of environemtnal exposures recorded by each methods were compared.  

Coming soon...

Code on GitHub:

Reproducible code to read in, clean and apply different activity space methods to GPS data. (gpx/shp/csv e.g. Strava, folowmee...)

Preliminary results:

Watch this space


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